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ADSS fiber optic cables (All Dielectric Self Supported) are designed for aerial installation in between poles, avoiding the need of a messenger wire. ADSS cables offer the necessary tensile strength to support tension originated in this type of installation thanks to the use of aramid, a material that provides excellent mechanical properties, at a very low weight.

How to choose an ADSS cable?

When deciding which ADSS cable to choose, the most important parameters are the following:

  • Span: Distance in between poles
  • Sagging: Maximum deviation allowed from horizontal. Occurs due to cable weight and climatic conditions.
  • Climatic conditions: Wind and snow cause additional traction forces on the cable, which makes very important knowing the climate of the area where the cable will be installed.
ADSS cable scheme

On top, TELNET offers custom solutions for cable laying in hunting areas, close to high and medium voltage lines, etc.

With this data, our engineering team designs the most suitable cables satisfying all requirements, and guaranteeing its correct behavior over its lifetime.

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