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TELNET fiber optic cable offer for conduit installation is wide, and the decision on which cable design to choose depends mostly on the specific characteristics of the deployment.

In the case of conduits, one of the main parameters to take into account is the conduit capacity and the occupation ratio, which is calculated as follows:

$$Occupation ; ratio = frac {D_{cable1}^2+D_{cable2}^2+⋯+D_{cableN}^2}{D_{conduit}^2} $$

TELNET recommends using the following occupation ratios:

  • 40% occupation as general recommendation
  • 60% if there is only one cable or distance is short
  • 75% in case microducts are used in combination with blowing.

On top, the installation method (pulling or blowing) will determine the tensile strength required for the cable, and the possible exposure to rodents, the type of reinforcement to use.

All these points make very important to know the specificities of the deployment, so our engineering team designs the most suitable cables satisfying all requirements, and guaranteeing its correct behavior over its lifetime.

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