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Microcables or PDR (Polyethylene Reduced Diameter) are loose tube fiber optic cables of reduced dimensions, and high density, indicated for sharing conduits, or when conduits are rented, and space usage is the main driver for cable design.

In order to achieve the smallest diameter, most of the protections of the cable are removed, leaving an extremely thin design, suitable for blowing installation.
The main advantages of this type of cables are:

  • High density of fibers per cable diameter
  • Low friction coefficient, which facilitates cable installation
  • Lightness

A very common use for this type of cables is together with microducts, where the duct is the one providing the required mechanical resistance.

TELNET, in its continuous R&D effort to achieve cables that satisfy any client need, has developed specific solutions with 200μ fibers, with the objective of reducing even more the cable diameter.

Microcable example

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