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FTTH (Fiber To The Home) consists on bringing the optical fiber up to subscribers home, enabling the distribution of advanced services attractive for end users like Triple play: Telephony, ultrabroadband Internet and TV.

TELNET, as a company specialized in optical communications, offers the different passive elements required in FTTH deployments, being focused in preconnectorized drop cables, patchcords, and splitters.


Patchcords and pigtails for optical interconnection are designed with G.657.A2 fiber, which allows low bending radius for an easy installation, avoiding the problems coming from complex installations.

On top, TELNET supplies the patchcords according to customer needs, with different lengths and connectors to fit the network deployment.

FTTH patchcord


Splitters allow the propagation of optical signal in the PON (Passive Optical Networks). TELNET offers splitters built with PLC technology (Planar Lightwave Circuits), which are compact, highly reliable, have low insertion losses and good uniformity to optimize transmission, being available in up to 1:128 division.

FTTH optical splitter

Splitters can be supplied as preconnectorized or in 250μ bare fiber, and are presented individually for being placed in splice box trays and ODFs, in plastic box protection (ABS) or in metallic enclosures (LGX).

FTTH optical Splitter 1x4

Optical enclosures

TELNET offers a complete range of optical enclosures: splice closures, indoor and outdoor distribution boxes, subscriber optical outlets, etc.

Fiber Optic Splice Closure
Optical enclosure
Optical outlet

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