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Connectorized cables and patchcords allow increasing the speed and reliability of deployments for operators, and in LAN networks. TELNET has connectorization lines, which combined with the fiber optic cable facilities, allow offering custom solutions to adapt to any customer need.

Available formats: TELNET has a wide variety of standard connectors with different polishing, also offering field-mountable connectors.

FTTH connectorizations

Fan-out kits

TELNET offers fan-out kits as cable termination, which allow connecting cables with several fibers directly to ODFs, avoiding the need of performing splices.

fan-out kits


Built with fusion technology, allow selecting a specific bandwidth eliminating the rest. They are used in fiber optic networks and in test and monitoring systems, being key elements to remove noise in optical amplifiers or selecting channels in WDM systems. These devices present high return losses, being stable in the whole operational bandwidth and in a wide temperature range. The transition band is abrupt to avoid the cross-talk between channels and are not affected by signal polarization.


Optical Multiplexers/Demultiplexers (WDM’s – Wavelength Division Multiplexion): Allow the multiplexing of different wavelengths (optical carriers), over a single monomode optical fiber. They are built with fusion technology, and are designed to introduce very low insertion losses and high isolation between branches. TELNET offers different supply formats, connectorized, for installation in trays or ODFs for 19” and 21”.



Couplers/splitters (Splitters-WIC’s):  Divide the entry signal into N outputs with minimum insertion losses, being the most suitable devices due to its high directivity and high return losses. Offered in different versions of up to 128 outputs, and with different coupling grades per branch (50:50, 40:60, 30:70…).

Launch Reels

A launch reel consists in a fixed length of optical fiber that allows eliminating the “blind zone” at the OTDR output. It is used during cable laying and installation certification, enabling the visualization of the complete optical link, including the first connector or fusion splice.

Depending on client needs, TELNET offers two formats, laboratory and field. On top, both formats are offered in SingleMode or multimode.

Launch Reel
briefcase launch reel

Custom solutions

Due to its expertise in optical communications, having an active equipment división, fiber optic cable manufacturing, and connectorisation, TELNET offers advanced and customized solutions such as a GPON Loop Simulator to evaluate asymetries, Fan Out Kits, and preconectorised optical outlets.

**For further information, contact telnet@telnet-fo.es